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What exactly is a Dusk to Dawn light bulb? And why you need them.

Updated: May 27, 2019

If you have ever wondered what a dusk to dawn light bulb is, then you are in the right place. Luckily, these type of light bulbs do as their name implies. They turn on when it gets dark and they shut off when they detect light. This makes it very convenient for places that you want to always want to have lit up as you can just leave the switch on and the lights will adjust automatically.

Applications for Dusk to Dawn light bulbs

Dusk to Dawn light bulbs are great for places that you want to always have light. Places like your porch, front and back doors, patios, decks, and pretty much anywhere else you want to be lit up without out having to flip a switch on and off every night.

Although they are not considered "smart" lights, they do have an added convenience that traditional LED light bulbs do not offer. Rather than having to install dusk to dawn switches, you can save yourself the hassle and screw in a couple of dusk to dawn LED's to get the job done.

Can I use Dusk to Dawn lights in closed fixtures?

The Katalamp Dusk to Dawn A19 LED's can be used in open and closed fixtures making it great for outdoor sockets and mounted fixtures. These 6 Watt bulbs have an E26 base and are a warm 2700K hue. With a clean frosted finish, they look just light traditional LED light bulbs, so no need to worry about them sticking out like a sore thumb.

Are Dusk to Dawn lights comparable to motion sensor lights?

Dusk to Dawn lamps are not motion activated, they are intended to always light up a dark area. Motion sensor and security lamps are designed to come when activity is detected, whether that is for the convenience of not having flip a switch or to deter unwanted guests, they are a different category of lamp.

Where can I get Dusk to Dawn light bulbs?

Dusk to Dawn LED light bulbs can be found on Amazon. Our Katalamp Dusk to Dawn A19 LED's come in a two pack.

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